Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence


The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office commits to securing a safe and prosperous community and cultivating the trust and respect of all those we serve by providing exemplary law enforcement services.


Within three years, the MCSO will be “One Team” of diverse professionals empowered and collaborating internally and externally to accomplish our mission.


Because we value integrity…

I will do the right thing, even when no one is looking.
I am transparent and openly share information with my colleagues, partners, and the community.
I hold my team members to high standards and expect them to do the same for me.
I will do what I say I will do.
I follow up and follow through in order to build trust.


Because we value respect...

I listen to my colleagues, community members, and collaborative organizations.
I seek to understand.
I treat others the way I want my loved ones to be treated.
I am compassionate and helpful.
I acknowledge and overcome my personal biases in order to treat everyone with dignity.
I am considerate of all property, beliefs, symbolism, and perspectives.
I conduct myself in a way that earns respect and hold my teammates to high standards.


Because we value teamwork…

I collaborate and share knowledge while building strong relationships.
I seek out different points of view, regardless of rank or position, in order to find the best outcome.
I approach challenges with an open-mind.
I work to build others up in all I do.
I give and receive feedback in a constructive way that is aligned with our values.


Because we value excellence…

I intentionally learn from my mistakes in order to continuously improve and commit to not repeat mistakes.
I give my best every day and am passionate about our work.
I am proud of our profession and set the highest standards for my training and personal conduct.
I empower and mentor others in order to create more leaders within the organization and community.