The primary law enforcement responsibilities of the Police Bureau are the road patrol and criminal investigations. The bureau also provides support functions and specialized police activities in other areas including the county parks, at the Greater Rochester International Airport, and on area waterways.


The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Jail Bureau currently operates a 1,217 bed-holding facility for pre-trial and sentenced incarcerated individuals. The jail staff strive to provide a safe and secure environment for all those who work in and visit the jail, and are supported by numerous community partners to facilitate incarcerated individual programming and re-entry services.


The Monroe County Sheriff's Civil Bureau is the agency of choice accredited by the New York State Sheriffs' Association for quality enforcement and service of process. The Civil Bureau is authorized by statute to act as the enforcement officer for all courts within the County of Monroe. The Bureau is made up of 9 Sworn members and 5 Civilian employees.


The Court Security Bureau, a division of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, consists of approximately 110 Deputy Sheriffs whose responsibilities range from weapons screening and maintaining courtroom decorum to providing essential public safety and law enforcement services. The deputies ensure that court environments are safe and secure for the judiciary, court support staff, and the public.


The Staff Services Bureau provides support services to all of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office bureaus. This bureau is staffed with members from all MCSO bureaus.