Mission Statement

An accredited bureau of caring professionals who ensure court occupied spaces remain safe and decorous for all who enter, in addition to providing quality law enforcement service.

Vision Statement

Preserving order and providing protection from harm so our justice system may effectively serve each member of our community.

Duties and Responsibilities

Deputy Sheriffs assigned to Court Security are responsible for the physical protection of the judiciary, court personnel, attorneys, witnesses, juries, and all individuals who have court business within the Monroe County Civic Center Complex and the NYS Supreme Court 4th Department Appellate Courthouse. The bureau is composed of 8 sub-divisions and operates in a para-militaristic fashion.

Specific duties include:

  • Weapons screening at all public entrances with the use of x-ray and metal detectors.
  • Maintaining order and decorum in courtrooms, waiting areas and court premises.
  • Patrolling court property on foot.
  • Guarding, transporting, and isolating sequestered juries.
  • Effecting arrests, custodial remands, and confiscating contraband.
  • Assuming control over all critical incident response.
  • Escorting judges and dignitary to off-property appearances.
  • Monitoring law enforcement radio channels and video cameras in a specially designed Dispatch Center.