The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office was made aware on January 3, 2024 of the potential release of Terrence Lewis from his October 2018 murder conviction, resulting from the violation of the anti-shuttling provision of the Interstate Agreement on Detainers (IAD) Law. (Click here)

In January 2018, Lewis was returned to Rochester from a federal correctional facility in Pennsylvania, where he was serving time on separate charges, to answer an indictment on the charge of Murder 2nd for the killing of Mr. Johnny Washington. He was then remanded to the Monroe County Jail (MCJ), where he stayed for months. While awaiting his murder trial In May 2018, Lewis was returned to federal custody in Pennsylvania; a violation of the aforementioned law. Two months later, in July 2018, Lewis was returned to custody at MCJ, and in October 2018, he was convicted of the murder. Unfortunately, any deviation from the IAD Law is subject to strict consequences; having a conviction vacated. No legal argument was ever raised before, during or after the trial about the transfer.

“To the family and friends of Mr. Johnny Washington, there are no words to take away the pain you are justly feeling that undoubtedly comes with the lack of fairness being served based on this decision, which violates the principles of justice,” said Monroe County Sheriff Todd K. Baxter. “I extend my sincere apology.”

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office reached out to the family of Mr. Washington.

The Rochester Police Department and the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office are to be commended for both a thorough investigation and successful prosecution that resulted in Lewis’ conviction.

When this matter was brought to our attention, MCSO immediately took corrective measures as it pertains to IAD, to include:

  • Conducted an audit pursuant to IADs to identify whether there were any individuals, currently or formerly incarcerated at the Monroe County Jail, dating back to 2018, in on an IAD ; the audit revealed there were no other incarcerated individuals held on an IAD
  • Conducted a review of our transfer procedures
  • Provided training on the IAD Law to appropriate staff responsible for transferring incarcerated individuals; implemented a new procedure that indicates anytime MCSO transfers an incarcerated individual out of state, awaiting trial in Monroe County, MCSO notifies the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office and the judge assigned to the case prior to the relocation

Timeline of Events:

November 2017 – Terrence Lewis is serving a federal sentence in Allenwood, Pennsylvania. A Murder 2nd indictment is filed against Lewis in Monroe County (NY). Lewis requests final disposition of charges in Monroe County. 

January 2018 – Lewis is transported to NY, taken into custody in the Monroe County Jail (MCJ), and arraigned on the Murder 2nd indictment in County Court.

May 2018 – Lewis is returned to federal custody (Allenwood, PA); his Murder 2nd charge is still pending – a traditional practice of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office to return the incarcerated individual to his “home” correctional facility

July 2018 – Lewis returns to NY for his murder trial, custody of the MCJ

October 2018 – Lewis is convicted of Murder 2nd and sentenced to 22 years to life

December 2018 – Lewis is returned to federal custody (Allenwood, PA) to serve out his federal sentence

August 2020 – Lewis is returned to NY (custody of MCJ) to await delivery to NYS Department of Corrections on Murder 2nd conviction

October 2020 – MCJ delivers Lewis to the NYS Department of Corrections to serve the Murder 2nd conviction

February 2024 – Terrence Lewis conviction vacated; Lewis released from Five Points Correctional Facility


Amy Young
Communications Director
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office
(585) 753-4518