March 8, 1821 – March 8, 2021


Rochester, NY (May 18, 2021) – The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is proud to unveil and publically display three Presidential Pardons, dating back to the mid-late 1800’s. All three of the 145 year-old Pardons, signed by Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, and Ulysses Grant, were recently stabilized and restored by world-renowned paper and photographic conservator Gary Albright of Honeoye Falls. The late Sheriff Andrew P. Meloni had custodial stewardship of the documents for more than a half century. In recognition of the significance of these historic documents, Sheriff Todd K. Baxter felt passionately that the public be afforded the opportunity to view the pardons before they are permanently displayed at the Monroe County Public Safety Building (Sheriff’s Headquarters). MCSO is grateful to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Foundation for its support in funding the stabilization, conservation and framing of the documents.


“I am proud to lead an agency of professionals whose priority it is to serve and protect the citizens of Monroe County,” said Monroe County Sheriff Todd K. Baxter. “The past year has been challenging on many levels for our nation and our community. I have the privilege of witnessing the grit, compassion, and empathy of our members, sworn and civilian staff, on a daily basis. These are our public servants; the men and women who answer the call in the middle of the night and in the middle of the day, who run toward danger instead of away from it. Thank you for all you do as we look back at the accomplishments of the past 200 years and look forward to what lies ahead. Together, we can learn, build, and become a stronger and better community.”

MCSO has a rich and profound history. There are many facets to celebrate in each of our five Bureaus; Road Patrol, Jail, Courts, Civil and Staff Services. Here are a few events in history that showcase the past 200 years:

1852 ~ the County of Monroe began construction of the County Workhouse at South and Highland Avenues in the City of Rochester. The building was constructed to house up to 96 men and 40 women

1858 ~ the Workhouse was reclassified as the County Penitentiary

1864, 1865, and 1875 ~ three individuals incarcerated in the Monroe County Jail were pardoned for their crimes by Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, and Ulysses Grant


1867 ~ MCSO’s Court Security Bureau was established with Deputy Sheriff Court Attendants (Attendants were eventually referred to as Court Security Deputies). Approximately 110 members strong today, the Court Security Bureau is responsible for weapons screening, maintaining courtroom decorum, and providing essential public safety and law enforcement services. Court Security Deputies ensure that court environments are safe and secure for the judiciary, court support staff, and the public, providing safety and security to everyone upon entry into the Hall of Justice, Public Safety Building and Appellate Building while court proceedings are in session.


1909 ~ MCSO Road Patrol’s first automobiles obtained; Motorcycles obtained in 1922

MCSO’s Civil Bureau has had a fundamental role since the agency was established. Authorized by statute to act as the enforcement officer for all courts within the County of Monroe, the Civil Bureau today is comprised of nine sworn members and five Civilian employees. There are two main responsibilities delegated to this bureau 1). Service of Process; summons, subpoenas, petitions and orders 2). Enforcement; evictions, executions of personal and real property, and warrants of arrest for civil contempt. The Civil Bureau also performs orders of protection, as well as process for other sheriff’s offices and governmental agencies.


An accredited agency with the State of New York, MCSO has provided care and custody to tens of thousands of incarcerated men and women inside the Monroe County Jail over the past 200 years

Photography’s first use in 1926 to book inmates in the Monroe County Jail has been replaced with iris scanning technology

2017 ~ MCSO opens a Veterans Unit inside the Monroe County Jail providing an opportunity for those who have served our country to be housed together while working to restore their lives

January 2019 ~ Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Units are implemented inside the Monroe County Jail. These units provide for the effective treatment of opioid use disorders inside the jail. Treatment using MAT, particularly when coupled with evidence-based behavioral therapy, improves medical and mental health outcomes in the hopes of reducing relapses and recidivism.

February 2019 ~ MCSO implemented the Rochester Threat Advisory Committee (ROCTAC); a community-wide threat assessment and management advisory team designed to close threat management gaps created by systems siloes and fragmented responses. ROCTAC provides a central point of information coordination in an effort to resolve issues before an unfortunate event occurs. ROCTAC is now mirrored in communities across NYS using the MCSO model.

March 2020 ~ Coronavirus became prevalent in the United States, changing all of our lives forever. The global pandemic challenged all of us to get creative and “think outside the box” when it came to our personal and professional lives. When a COVID-19 outbreak occurred inside the Monroe County Jail in fall 2020, MCSO began 100% testing of MCJ inmates and staff in an effort to slow the spread and eliminate the virus inside the facility.


We mark this special occasion with the Commemorative Cancellation of a U.S. Postal Stamp in recognition of MCSO’s Bicentennial and the cutting of our birthday cake. We look forward to sharing many more special events with our community throughout the year. Happy 200th Birthday MCSO!