Rochester, NY (April 25, 2021) – On today’s date, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office received several media inquiries regarding social media chatter from a post from April 24th involving an alleged in-custody death at the Monroe County Jail (MCJ). There was no in-custody death inside the jail and no one was injured.

On April 24th at 4:50 p.m., deputies responded to an incident in the 3-North housing area of the jail for reports of an inmate threatening self-harm. Deputies responded and spoke to the incarcerated individual at length and were able to convince the inmate to comply with staff. There was no use of force by jail deputies or staff. Deputies relocated the inmate to an area of the jail designated for individuals with mental health needs and decontaminated the inmate’s cell for fecal matter. The inmate is receiving treatment and is under constant supervision.

To those who contacted us first to confirm information before sharing the alleged incident, we thank you.

To reiterate, there was no in-custody death inside the Monroe County Jail and there were no injuries to inmates or staff.