Rochester, NY (September 24, 2021) – The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) and the United Christian Leadership Ministry (UCLM) share a common interest in the continual improvement of relations between MCSO and the citizens of Monroe County. As part of our ongoing Executive Order 203 efforts, MCSO and UCLM are dedicated to providing an open and transparent exchange of information as it relates to law enforcement procedures and practices, including those related to MCSO’s Body Worn Camera (BWC) program.

This partnership is also yet one more example of our commitment to community engagement as we collaborate to counter the violence in our community through prevention, enforcement and recovery initiatives. With the projection of more than 400 shooting victims this year, our community must do all it can to unite resources and efforts, not divide them.

Both MCSO and UCLM agree public safety can be strengthened through this partnership, in turn continuing and promoting honest dialogue and conversation between law enforcement and the community. These efforts will help to forge stronger relationships, with the goal of ultimately improving the quality of life for all residents of our community. The two organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), committing to this unified mission and passion.

“The events of the past year that unfolded on both a national and local stage have given all of us pause to look deep within ourselves to examine what is working, and what is not, when it comes to relationships within our community,” said Monroe County Sheriff Todd K. Baxter. “The tenets outlined in the ‘Task Force on 21st Century Policing’ direct us to lean forward and take bold steps in transparency with the public. This introspection has shown that continued openness and relationship building with all members of the community will continue to strengthen our ability to be a conscious part of the larger community that we serve to protect.”

Through this partnership, MCSO and UCLM are committed to meeting quarterly to discuss items of mutual interest, to include issues considered significant to the law enforcement/community relationship in an open and honest manner. Examples may include: proposed police reform measures, joint anti-crime community building initiatives, and proposed legislation to be advanced at the local, state, or national level. MCSO will make available, via a FOIL request, any record available for public disclosure.

“The United Christian Leadership Ministry and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office have held a series of honest discussions since last year to raise mutual concerns and to forge positive ways in which the community and law enforcement can better work together,” said Rev. Lewis Stewart, President, United Christian Leadership Ministry. “This partnership will enable our community to embrace and remain committed to transparency and legitimacy, as well as develop measures for public safety to keep our community safe.”

In an effort to be as transparent to the community as possible, UCLM will prepare an annual report on the experience of this community monitoring engagement. After a review process and approval by MCSO, the report will be made public.