Perinton, NY (January 7, 2022) – On 1/6/21 at around 12:10 am, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office responded to an address on Locust Lane in Perinton, for a report of a bullet striking one of the apartments. MCSO quickly determined that no one was injured. The investigation revealed that this incident was drug related, resulting from a pre-arranged meeting that took place in the parking lot between a resident, and an individual who resides elsewhere. During the encounter, an argument ensued. Shortly after the encounter, the apartment where the resident lives was shot at. The bullet went through the front window of the apartment, and became lodged inside. The apartment was occupied during this incident, but no one was injured.

MCSO conducted a neighborhood canvas to speak with witnesses. Evidence technicians were called to the scene to gather further evidence. MCSO continues to investigate this incident, and will have increased patrols in the area. This appears to be an isolated incident. Additionally, MCSO is working with the apartment complex management on strategies to increase its security. Anyone with information is asked to call 911.