Rochester, NY (July 20, 2022) - The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office welcomes our newest K9 partner, Myra. Myra and K9 handler, Deputy Brian Callaghan recently returned from the Transportation Security Administration's Canine Training Center in Texas, where they were awarded the "Top Dog Award" for outstanding achievement during their training. Their exceptional abilities rate amongst the top of their peers and reflect a great degree of dedication to the profession. The skills demonstrated by Deputy Callaghan and Myra will contribute to a high level of security for the world’s transportation infrastructure.

Myra and Deputy Callaghan are in the process of attaining certification for the detection of explosives. Once certified, they will be primarily assigned to the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport in support of the TSA mission. MCSO is proud of Deputy Callaghan and Myra! We are excited to contribute excellence toward our public safety efforts in our partnership with the TSA.

Deputy Brian Callaghan and Myra