Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies conducted a search of incarcerated individual Brandon Davis’ cell inside the Reception Unit of the Monroe County Jail on November 17, 2023 at 7:00 a.m., after developing information that Mr. Davis may be in possession of contraband.

Upon a search of the cell, underneath the mattress, deputies discovered and confiscated:

  • 83 rolling papers concealed inside a balloon
  • 61 match heads concealed inside a balloon
  • two (2) strikers concealed inside a balloon
  • Brown leafy-like substance (suspected tobacco) concealed inside a balloon
  • two (2) balloons containing synthetic marijuana/K2
  • one (1) balloon containing 110 puzzle pieces saturated in liquid synthetic marijuana/K2

After Davis was found in possession of the above contraband, deputies escorted him to Central Booking where he was body scanned for additional drugs and drug paraphernalia with negative results. Davis was placed on a 24-hour medical observation to rule out possible ingestion of contraband.

As a precaution, deputies searched the remainder of the Reception Unit and the incarcerated individuals housed there, nothing additional was discovered.

Davis, 38, of Rochester, entered the jail on November 15, 2023 on a parole violation. He is now facing additional charges  to include:

  • Promoting Prison Contraband in the 1st degree (Class-D Felony)
  • Three (3) counts Promoting Prison Contraband in the 2nd degree (Class-A Misdemeanor)

Great work by our deputies who acted on information they received, resulting in the confiscation of contraband and additional charges for Mr. Davis. The deputies’ actions prevented potentially deadly substances from being distributed throughout the Monroe County Jail.

Sergeant Mike Zamiara
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office
(585) 753-4281