A Zone


CPSP 4th / False Personation / MHA / Wegmans 2157 Penfield Rd / 24-010751 / 24-010766 / 24-010784

On 1-17-24 at 10:34 pm, A Zone Deputies were dispatched to the above location for a larceny in progress. Upon arrival, they located Jose Agosto-Santiago (39 yoa) in a vehicle in the parking lot. He matched the suspect description of the larcenist that was initially called in. The vehicle was reported stolen on 1-16-24. Deputies located a second male who was acting suspiciously out on foot, he was detained under reasonable suspicion and eventually identified as David Vazquez-Dueno (29 yoa). Through investigation, it was determined that David drove the stolen vehicle to the above location. David initially lied about his name and was subsequently charged with False Personation. He was also charged with the Criminal Possession of Stolen Property 4th for the car. Jose was charged with CPSP 4th for possession of the car. Both men were issued appearance tickets per NYS law.

PL / Walmart 1990 Brandt Point / 24-010721

On 1-17-24 at 8:17 pm, Brian G. Wallace (40 yoa) stole $951.05 in merchandise from Walmart. He was arrested by Security and turned over to the MCSO.

GL 4th / Wegmans 1955 Empire Blvd / 24-012884

On 1-21-24 at 4:24 pm, Ronald Scott Rice (75 yoa) stole $1,136.65 in household items, consumable goods and supplements. He was apprehended by store security and turned over to MCSO. APT issued.

Burg 3rd / PL & False Personation / Wegmans 1955 Empire Blvd / 24-012488 / 24-012524

On 1-20-24 at 10:30 pm, Mario Laviena (39 yoa) stole $270.52 in meat from Wegmans. He lied about who he was. He had been previously banned by Wegmans so he was charged with Burglary 3rd. APT issued.

PL / Wexford PL / 24-0015230

On 1/24/24, the older adult victim received an email from who she thought was Spectrum offering her a discount promotion code claiming she would not have to pay for the next 18 months. She called the number on the email and the male who answered the phone told her she could receive an additional $50 gift card if she purchased a Target gift card. She purchased two $200 Target gift cards from CVS and called the number back and gave them the card numbers. The next day, the victim realized she got scammed and called the police.

GL 4th /Auto Stripping / Devonshire Cir / 24-15711

The victim states on 1/25/24 at around 5:30 pm, she parked her 2012 Hyundai Elantra in the driveway of her home. She woke up the next morning and discovered her vehicle was now on the roadway in front of her house. The dashboard and the ignition were found to be damaged, suggesting someone had attempted to steal the vehicle.

PL / Marathon Gas Station 1617 Penfield Rd / 24-017225

On 1/28/24 at 6:10 pm, a male wearing a black beanie, tan jacket and black pants asked for five packs of Newport cigarettes. The clerk placed them on the counter and then the male asked for an additional item. When the clerk turned his back, the male left with the cigarettes without paying for them.


Stolen Vehicle CPSP 4th / AUO 3rd / 6800 Pittsford Palmyra Rd / 24-010987 / 24-011001 / 23-014312

On 1-18-24 at 10:06 am, a deputy was on patrol behind a 2008 Jeep Cherokee when he ran the registration. The vehicle showed stolen and quickly pulled into the above location and parked. The driver, Ruben D. Lewis (34 yoa) quickly exited the vehicle and appeared as if he was going to run, before thinking better of it. Deputies took him into custody without incident. Lewis was charged with CPSP 4th and AUO 3rd. APT issued.

GL 3rd / 1311 Fairport Rd. / 24-11516

On 1/19/24 at approximately 7:40 am, suspects stole two cases of assorted tobacco products valued at approximately $6,240 from a delivery truck while the driver was unloading it.

Burglary 2nd / GL 4th / PL / Ayrault Rd / 24-013067

On 1-22-24 at 1:28 am, a couple were at home in their apartment when they saw a male suspect going through their dresser drawers and a jewelry box. The victims woke up and saw the male leaving. The investigation is ongoing.


PL / Wegmans 3195 Monroe Ave / 24-011168

On 1-18-24 at 3:32 pm, Andrea D. Casey (74 yoa) under scanned her groceries, resulting in the theft of $178.08. She was stopped at the door and the property was recovered. Ms. Casey was charged with petit larceny and released with an appearance ticket pursuant to NYS law.


B Zone


Menacing 2nd / 1180 Jefferson Rd (Super Crab Juicy Seafood) / 24-012497

On 01/20/24, at 10:20 p.m., deputies responded to the above location for a menacing report. A restaurant employee was attempting to resolve a customer complaint by providing a refund for food, but an unknown male attempted to leave the location with the food and the refund. The unknown male menaced the employee with a switchblade knife after being confronted while leaving. The suspect left the location, along with four other unknown males, in a black SUV (unknown make/model).

Robbery 2nd, Assault. 3rd & Grand Larceny 3rd / 1225 Jefferson Rd. / 24-013421

On 1/22/23 at approx. 3:00 p.m., deputies responded to 1225 Jefferson Road for a robbery that occurred in the parking lot of the location (Bill Gray's). Upon arrival, deputies met with the victim who reports an acquaintance she was with, known as "Aaron Walters", changed his demeanor while they were running errands together and ended up wanting all the victim's money. While parked in the suspect's vehicle, he demanded money and electronics while putting his hands around the victim's neck. The victim got out of the vehicle and ran into the restaurant. The suspect left the area with the victim's property. Investigators identified the suspect as Phildon J. Statham, 30, of Rochester. Deputies found Mr. Statham at his residence, sitting in his vehicle. He is charged with robbery in the second degree, assault in the third degree, grand larceny in the third degree, and was remanded to the Monroe County Jail on $30k cash, $60k bond, $100k partially secured bond.

Grand Larceny 4th/ ID Theft 3rd / 15 Miracle Mile Dr (Dave & Busters) / 24-013988

On 01/23/24, deputies responded to the above location for a delayed larceny report. The victim states on 01/21/24, she was at the location and must have dropped her Bank of America Debit Card. On 01/22/24, she discovered numerous unauthorized charges (approximately $470) on her card had taken place in the city of Buffalo. The victim contacted her bank and is in the process of being refunded her money. Dave & Busters checked their cameras and nothing suspicious was observed.

ID Theft 3rd / 12 Stonington Dr / 24-014469

The victim received a notification from Verizon Wireless about an unauthorized charge on his account, and an unknown account created under his name. The Verizon Wireless Fraud Department will continue the investigation.

Petit Larceny / 400 Jay Scutti Blvd (BJ’s Wholesale Club) / 24-014835

A BJ’s employee reports on 01/24/24 at approximately 9:00 p.m., a male (wearing a black coat, tan pants and a black winter hat) entered the store and stole a 55” LG 4K TV ($749.99). The suspect left the area in a brown Chevrolet Impala, registered to a residence in Greece. The same suspect vehicle was also involved in a theft from the Best Buy store in Greece


C Zone


Petit Larceny / Chili Ave / 24-010222

A Byrne Dairy employee reports on 1/17/24 at approximately 5:00 am, two suspects attempted to use an expired Grubhub card to make a purchase. When they were advised the card was declined, the men exited the store with $204.74 worth of Newport cigarettes, Red Bull and motor oil. The suspects are described as a Hispanic man, 5’8” with a ‘big belly’ and tattoos, and a Hispanic man, 5’10” - 5’11” with tattoos and a red mark on his face. Both males were last seen southbound on Rt. 259 in a gray hatchback; possibly a Pontiac, Vibe.

Burglary 3rd / Petit Larceny / Chili Ave / 24-011899

On 1/19/24 at about 6:45 pm, Wegmans Asset Protection observed a male suspect steal $116.63 worth of Monster energy drinks, Kit-Kats and Tide pods, before leaving the location and refusing to stop. The male entered a tan 2008 Volvo S80 as a passenger and the vehicle fled the parking lot. Deputies located the vehicle on Chili Center Coldwater Rd and Cody Snyder was detained without incident. It was soon learned that Cody had an outstanding Gates PD Warrant, two Hamburg PD Warrants and five Greece PD Warrants. He was remanded to the Monroe County Jail by Riga Town Court.

CPCS 3rd / CPCS 7th / Scottsville Rd. / 24-013481

Pursuant to an MVA investigation, deputies observed a bag of white powdery substance under the driver’s leg. They identified the driver as Warren Atkins. A bag of a white rock-like substance was wedged into the steering column. Both were seized and Atkins was interviewed at the hospital. He agreed to speak with them but, had no idea where those substances came from as he maintains he has never used drugs in his life. Preliminary tests suggest that the substances are cocaine and methamphetamine, and he was subsequently arrested for two counts of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Criminal Trespass 3rd / Wind Willow Wy. / 24-013620

On 1/22/24 Deputies were alerted to the fact that Mitchell Griffin gained unlawful access to the basement in the Blueberry Hills Apartments. On that evening Griffin was detained and turned over to Gates PD on a warrant. On 1/23/24 a representative from the apartments stated they wished to have Griffin arrested for criminal trespass.

PL / ID Theft 2nd / Chili Ave / 24-015333

The victim reports sometime between 12/16/23 and 1/16/24, an unknown person deposited a check for $6000 into one of his ESL bank accounts. On the same day, there were withdrawals for $400 and $600 at an ATM in Chili. On 12/18/23, the deposited check was rejected and the victim was left with a negative bank account balance. The victim was unsure of where his ESL bank card was and believes it may have been stolen sometime in December “around when the fraudulent activity began.”

Petit Larceny / Paul Rd. / 24-017810

An employee at Byrne Dairy reports on 1/29/24 around 8:20 am, a man requested four packs of Newport cigarettes. He retrieved the cigarettes and set them on the counter as the male asked for an additional black and mild cigar. When the employee moved toward the cigars, the suspect gathered the cigarettes and exited the store without paying. He left the location in a black pickup truck


Criminal Mischief 3rd / Transit Wy. / 24-014885

The victim reports sometime between 3:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. on 1/24/24, an unknown suspect punched several holes through the passenger side window of his 2016 Audi A6 while it was parked in the parking lot at Medline Industries. It does not appear entry was made to the vehicle.

GL 4th / Petit Larceny / Fourth Section Rd. / 24-014633

The victim was shopping at TJ Max on 1/24/24 and left her purse and jacket in her cart while she was looking at some items. At some point, she observed a male dressed in all black running toward the front door and realized that her purse was no longer in the cart. Two witnesses observed the male holding a purse as he fled the area in an unknown direction. The purse contained credit cards, car keys, an iPhone, and $190. Deputies assisted the victim with getting home, checking her credit accounts and attempting to track the iPhone. Fortunately, the phone did ping locally and the purse was located behind the Dunkin Donuts on Lake Rd. The only thing missing at that time was the $190. The suspect was described as an unknown race male with a scruffy beard, 6’ tall and slim build.

Petit Larceny / Brockport Spencerport Rd. / 24-018403

Walmart Asset Protection reports on 1/30/24 at about 10:30 a.m., Tracy Mairs secreted two sets of Kiss Nails in her purse and passed all points of sale without paying. The nails are valued at $15.72. She was charged with petit larceny and released with an appearance ticket per NYS law.


Petit Larceny / Hamlin Ter. / 24-011389

The victim reports she went into the hospital for a medical issue on 1/14/24. When she returned home on 1/17/24 she found the front door was locked and the house appeared to be in normal condition, but the small security safe in her closet was open and numerous items were missing. Specifically, 40 prescription oxycodone pills, 60 prescription Cyclobenzaprine pills, and a few silver and gold coins had been removed. Her neighbor and her son both have keys to the residence but neither have a key to the safe. Both went to the residence during her stay at the hospital as a favor to her, and she is not positive she locked the safe before leaving.


Stolen Vehicle / South Ave / 24-010706

The victim reports on 1/17/24 at 7:30 p.m., he parked his 2016 Honda Pilot in the parking lot of Tops. He left his vehicle running and took the key fob with him inside of Tops. He was inside Tops for approximately 15 minutes and when he came back out to the parking lot, he noticed his vehicle was no longer there and called 911 immediately. Due to the keyless entry, his vehicle can be driven without the key fob until it is turned off. His wallet was inside of the vehicle, which contained his ESL debit card, four credit cards and $60 cash. Deputies advised him to cancel all debit and credit cards.


CPW 2nd / SB Rt. 390 / 24-012000

On 1/20/24 at approximately 12:30 a.m., deputies observed a Jeep Patriot traveling S/B on Rt. 390 with its registration suspended for insurance lapse. Upon stopping the vehicle, it was learned the driver, Sheldon Murray, and his passenger, Akeem Johnson, both had revoked driver’s licenses. While preparations were being made to tow the vehicle, a “fanny pack” belonging to Murray was found to contain 31 small blue pills stamped with “M30.” Murray stated he believed the pills were ecstasy, but this has yet to be confirmed. Additionally, an H&K, P30, 9mm handgun was located in the center console with a loaded magazine. Both males were transported to C Zone where they were interviewed. They were both charged with CPW 2nd and remanded to MCJ in lieu of $1500/$10,000/$25000. Drug charges are forthcoming pending lab results.