A Zone


GL 3rd / CPFI 2nd / Parkview Dr. / 24-4870

On 1-8-24 the 84-year-old victim reports she had just become aware that a check for $3255.88 she sent through the mail on 9- 14-23 via US Mail was intercepted and altered. It was made out to a different person. The victim noticed this when she was sent a refund for overpayment.

PL / Harbor Freight 1601 Penfield Rd / 24-4889

On 1-8-24 at 2:35 pm, an unknown male stole the following items:

  • Hercules 20V Impact Wrench $199.99
  • Hercules 20V Charger $44.99
  • Hercules 20V Oscillating Multi-tool $79.99
  • 24 Inch bolt cutters $29.99

The suspect is described as a white male in his early 30s wearing a red hat, a gray zip-up sweatshirt and jeans. The male fled in a black hatchback vehicle with no emblems and no license plate. Photos posted to MCSO social media.

PL / Wegmans 2157 Penfield Rd / 24-005825

On 1-9-24 at 10:56 pm, 20-year-old Gabriella E. King and 18-year-old Miranda H. Sullivan stole merchandise totaling $66.72. They were apprehended by store security, turned over to MCSO and issued appearance tickets per NYS law.

GL 4th / 2180 Penfield Rd / 23-226315

On 12-22-23 at about 9:42 pm, the victim used her credit card at the Speedway Gas Station. She then drove to NYC. On her way there, she realized she did not have her card. A check of her account revealed $1,918.64 in charges at 6 different locations around the east side of Monroe County, leading her to believe the card was stolen after using it at Speedway.

Exposure of a Person NYSPL 245.01 / Ellison Park 1879 Blossom Rd / 23-226373

On 12-26-23 at 12:18 pm, a man in his 20s-30s with long dirty blond hair was near the Hazelwood Grove Lodge at the trailhead for Mile Race Trail. He was completely naked and intentionally exposing himself to the female who was walking on the trail. The male was not acting in a lewd manner. After seeing the male, the female left and called 911. Deputies searched the area and could not find the suspect.

PL / Wegmans 2157 Penfield Rd / 23-225660

On 12-24-23 at 3:43 pm, a deputy was parked in the above lot when the shoplifting in progress was reported. He observed Frederick Lange (47) running through the parking lot and being chased by Wegmans’ employees. The deputy took custody of Lange. The $519.06 in meat, soap, lighters and other merchandise was all recovered. Lange was then issued an appearance ticket and released per NYS law.


PL / Mobil Gas Station 650 Mosley Rd. / 24-2747

On 1/5/24 at 1:11 am, an unknown man entered the location and selected various items to include red bull, cough drops, and honey buns before approaching the counter to check out. He then asked for a carton of Newport cigarettes, and the cashier requested ID for proof of age, and upon scanning the ID, the DOB was verified. The male then requested chewing tobacco, and when the cashier turned their back, the male grabbed the items and left the location without paying for the $158.11 in merchandise. He is described as approximately 5’4” wearing blue clothing and a black ski mask, with a tattoo on his hand. The male left the location in a silver pickup truck, possibly a Toyota Tundra.

Identity Theft / Culver Rd / 23-00228947

On 12/30/23, the victim was notified her Chase Bank account had been frozen after she attempted to use her card at a rest stop. She then reviewed her accounts and found four of them were drained and had a balance of $0. She notified the bank someone had opened an account with both their names on it, transferred all accounts into a fraudulent account, and withdrew $21,331.74.

PL / The Muffler Shop 1334 Fairport Rd. / 24-3143

During the overnight hours between 1/4/24 and 1/5/24, the victim’s 2011 Dodge Ram pickup truck was parked at the Muffler Shop at the above address. At 4:36 am on 1/5/24, an unknown person wearing a white camo jacket with a hood and dark pants was observed on camera, going through several vehicles in the lot. The victim discovered a small one pocket tool belt with miscellaneous tools, a necklace, a gift certificate, and a 20v DeWalt Lithium Impact Driver (aggravate value $315) had been taken from his truck. The male left the location on a bicycle traveling west on Fairport Rd.

475 Plank Rd. / (Northwest Bank) CPFI 2nd, Attempt GL 4th, Resisting / CR# 24-2452

Deputies responded to the Northwest Bank for a male attempting to cash a forged check in the amount of $1250.00. The suspect is identified as Christopher Peay and was taken into custody after a minor subject management. A Penfield Judge arraigned Peay and remanded him to the Monroe County Jail with no bail/no release because of his predicate felon status.

Burglary 2nd / GL 4th / Manorshire Dr. / 23-225065

On 12-23-23, the victim reported an unknown person went into his apartment sometime between 9-20-23 and 12-19-23. Unknown how the suspects got in as his door was locked when he left in September 2023 and it was locked when he returned on 12-19-23. The victim noticed all the windows were unlocked. Suspects stole a 55” tv ($300), a $30 air fryer, a $70 hair trimmer and heavy duty extension cord, a $500 play station and three pairs of Nike Air Max’s valued at $300.


Larceny / 57 N Main St / 23-00228510

On 12/29/23, two Hispanic males wearing ski masks, entered Newcombs Market. Upon entering, they briefly walked around the store. They then approached the register where the cashier requesting eight packs of Newport cigarettes. The cashier put the packs on the counter where suspect 1 grabbed the packs and exited the store with suspect 2 without paying the $134.62 for the cigarettes. Both suspects were seen fleeing the scene in a black GMC.

PL / Marshalls 3340 Monroe Ave / 23-225195

On 12-23-23 at 5:05 pm, a male with a red beard, dark pants, gray jacket and gray winter hat stole $359.76 worth of clothing and lotion items. He left with the property in an unknown vehicle. Photos submitted to MCSO Communications.

PL / Wegmans 3195 Monroe Ave / 23-223974

On 12-21-23 at 5:09 pm, Christopher W Wheeler stole $746.67 in merchandise from Wegmans. He was apprehended by Loss Prevention and turned over to MCSO.

B Zone


Burglary 3rd / Criminal Mischief 3rd / GL 4th / 2059/2061 E. Henrietta Rd. / 23-207619

The listed address is the Guardian Angels Church, which connects to the Developmental Disabilities Service Office (DDSO). On 11/27/2023, deputies responded to the DDSO building for the burglary alarm. Upon arrival, a second alarm was reported internally. While checking the exterior of the west side of the building, deputies found a broken glass window appearing to be an exit, as the glass was mostly on the exterior of the building. Deputies and K9 set a perimeter but were unsuccessful in locating the suspects. Gifts cards valued at $1100 were stolen from the Parish office.

Burg 3rd/GL 3rd / 740 Jefferson Rd. / 23-210539

Patrol responded to the above location (Red Robin) for the report of a burglary during the overnight hours from 11/30/23 into 12/1/23. The assistant general manager of Red Robin states she arrived at approximately 6:30 AM on 12/1/23, opened the north side door with her key out of habit, but she realized the second door to get into the building was unlocked. She went to the manager's office and noticed the door had not been closed all the way. The manager's office door is always kept locked. When she entered the office, the safe was open and all the cash in the safe was gone. $5,712.00 was missing and there were no signs of forced entry into the restaurant or the office.

Grand Larceny 4th / 770 Jefferson Rd (Home Depot) / 23-26101

On 12/09/23, deputies responded to the above location for a report of a suspect who had stolen $1,800 worth of tools. Home Depot detained the suspect, later identified as Adrena Ladson-Oliver, as she exited the store. Ladson-Oliver was taken into custody and given appearance tickets for this incident, a VOP warrant out of Greece, and an arrest warrant out of Irondequoit.

Burglary 2nd/ CM 3rd/GL 4th / Guildhall Rd / 23-216295

The victim reports on 12/09/23 between 9:45 PM and 11:30 PM, an unknown suspect entered his home and stole an Anderson Mod X15 .223 caliber rifle. Upon returning home, the victim found his front door wide open and the back sliding glass door shattered. Deputies obtained a teletype number for the stolen rifle and conducted a neighborhood canvass. Several homes nearby have ring cameras, but did not pick up on anything suspicious. One neighbor states he heard two loud “bangs” and something being pushed at around 10:00 PM. Evidence technicians processed the scene. The investigation is ongoing.

Grand Larceny 4th / 800 Jefferson Rd / 23-217202

The Holiday Inn Assistant Manager reports he recently performed a weekly audit and discovered some unusual transactions by a former employee who had just resigned from his job a few days ago. The suspect had completed over $2,700 worth of returns over the last month, and all the money was sent to his personal credit card.

Grand Larceny 4th / 2350 Marketplace Dr. / 23-217328

Kohls Asset Protection reports on 12/07/23, an unknown woman entered the store and stole $2,600 worth of merchandise. AP was unable to provide a detailed description of the suspect or a vehicle.

CPCS 7th / 745 Calkins Rd. / 23-217287

On 12/11/23, deputies responded to the above location for the report of a suspicious vehicle. Upon pulling into the parking lot, deputies observed a gold Ford Taurus attempting to leave the area. A traffic stop was initiated and the vehicle struck a curb as it was pulling over. The occupants in the vehicle were identified as Nathaniel Mina (S1) and Haley Gardner (S2). While being interviewed, a deputy observed both Mina and Gardner trying to hide crack pipes. Both suspects were detained and numerous items were found during the vehicle search: crack rocks, various pills, syringes, glassine baggies, and wax envelopes. Both suspects were charged and released with appearance tickets.

Grand Larceny 4th / 300 Hylan Dr. (Henrietta Liquor) / 23-216193

On 12/09/23, two unknown men entered the store wearing all black and purchased numerous bottles of Hennessy and Remy Martin. They proceeded to flim-flam the cashier and only ended up paying $380 for $1,766 worth of liquor. Surveillance video and still photographs of the suspects were forwarded to MCAC for an attempt to identify.

Grand Larceny 3rd / 947 Lehigh Station Rd (UPS) / 23-218456

On 12/13/23, UPS reported an employee had stolen over $7,000 worth of iPhones from their facility. UPS conducted an internal investigation including video evidence and a signed confession from suspect. Deputies completed the arrest and issued the suspect an appearance ticket for Henrietta Town Court.

Grand Larceny 4th / 3333 W Henrietta Rd (Harbor Freight) / 23-218658

Harbor Freight reports on 12/13/23 at around 2:16 PM, an unknown man entered the store and stole a Vulcan welder ($1,149.99 value). Witnesses described the man as 25-30 years old, wearing a gray hooded shirt and gray sweatpants. The suspect left in a truck, but employees were unable to provide a license plate.

Homicide / 3423 S. Winton Rd. (Trio Restaurant) / 23-221057

On 12/17/23 at 12:59 in the morning, MCSO was dispatched to Trio Restaurant at 3423 South Winton Road, in the Town of Henrietta for the report of a female shot. The first deputy arrived at 1:02 AM and confirmed one person was shot. The victim passed away at the hospital as a result of this incident. Investigation is currently being followed up by MFU.

CPSP/Resisting Arrest / Jay Scutti Blvd/Jefferson Rd / 23-225461

On 12/24/23, deputies responded to the above location for the report of a vehicle that was completely stationary at a green light. Deputies observed the driver, later identified as Casey Clohessy, asleep at the wheel and a crack pipe on the passenger seat. Deputies were able to turn the vehicle off and attempted to remove Clohessy, who proceeded to jump out of the vehicle and run. Clohessy was apprehended after a short foot pursuit. Further investigation showed the vehicle was stolen and Clohessy had four active warrants (RPD, IPD, and County Court). Clohessy was also charged with DWAI (Drugs) and later remanded to MCJ by a Henrietta Judge on the Monroe County Court warrant.

Grand Larceny 3rd / Summer Sky Dr. / 23-225792

On 12/24/23, deputies responded to the above location for a report of a vehicle crashed into a tree. Deputies responded and observed the vehicle was unoccupied. A neighbor reports hearing a crash and seeing an unknown male wearing an orange puffy coat leaving the area. Contact was made with the registered owners, who denied driving the vehicle.

Harassment 2nd / Lens Crafters (720 Miracle Mile Dr.) / 23-228377

On 12/29/23, deputies responded to Lens Crafters in the Marketplace Mall for the report of a Harassment. Deputies spoke to the victim, who stated he and his wife were shopping for eyeglasses when a male suspect entered the store and walked over to the victim and punched him on the right side of his face. Victim states he has never seen the suspect before.

C Zone


CPCS 7th / Chili Ave. / 23-224922

On 12/24/23 at 2:32 in the morning, deputies conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with an expired registration. The vehicle was occupied by Shawn Miller, Julie Pearl and Matthew Lee. Ultimately a substance determined to be Fentanyl was found in the vehicle. The three individuals were arrested and released on appearance tickets.

PL, Crim. Mischief 2nd, Crim. Trespass 3rd, Possession of Burglar Tools / Scottsville Rd. / 23-225885

At 6:32 a.m. on December 25, 2023, Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies responded to RG&E on Scottsville Road in the Town of Chili for the report of someone attempting to steal copper. Upon arrival, deputies found a man inside of a fenced area of the RG&E property, where they store the copper wire. They found an electric saw beside a damaged wire spool. The man was detained and identified as Stephen Poole. Through investigation, deputies discovered another man waiting in a minivan in a nearby parking lot. The minivan contained stolen wire from RG&E, as well as a collection of various tools. Deputies detained the second man and identified him as Santos Rodriguez.

Stephen M. Poole, 46, of Rochester is charged with:

  • Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree (Class E-Felony)
  • Petit Larceny (Class A-Misdemeanor)
  • Criminal Trespass in the Third Degree (Class A-Misdemeanor)
  • Possession of Burglar Tools (Class A-Misdemeanor)

Santos R. Rodriguez, 38, of Rochester is charged with:

  • Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree (Class E-Felony)
  • Petit Larceny (Class A-Misdemeanor)
  • Criminal Trespass in the Third Degree (Class A-Misdemeanor)
  • Possession of Burglar Tools (Class A-Misdemeanor)

Mr. Poole was arraigned in Chili Town Court and remanded to the Monroe County Jail because of his predicate felon status. Mr. Rodriguez was released on an appearance ticket in accordance with New York State Law.

Petit Larceny / Chili Ave. / 23-226983

A Speedway employee reports on 12/24/23 at about 8:35 in the evening, a suspect entered the store, produced his own bags from underneath his black jacket and proceeded to fill them with 10-12 boxes of candy. The male then left the store without rendering payment. The employee believes this to be the same suspect that has been stealing from other area Speedway Gas Stations.

CM 4th / Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage MVA / Rochelle Dr. / 23-227416

The victim reports sometime between 9:00 PM on 12/27/23 and 8:00 AM on 12/28/23 an unknown suspect drove off the roadway and into his lawn in several locations. The suspect did collide with a tree in the yard and left several vehicle parts consistent with a 2017-2018 Mazda 3; red in color. Damage to the lawn and tree were documented.


Criminal Mischief / Savage Rd. / 23-223622

During the overnight hours of 12/20/23 into 12/21/23, fireworks were thrown into the front yard at this location. While damage to the lawn was minimal and the victim ultimately declined a criminal investigation, there were also similar incidents in the Town of Ogden. It appears these were likely thrown from a moving vehicle.


Grand Larceny 4th / Lake Rd. / 23-228655

The store manager at Runnings reports on 12/30/23 at about 8:30 AM, two suspects entered the store, went to the DeWalt tool area and took three nailers off of the shelf. They then exited the store without paying and left the parking lot eastbound on Transit Way in a black Chevrolet Equinox. The suspects are described as a woman wearing a blue jacket, pink hat and dark clothes, and a man wearing dark clothes and a blue baseball hat. The value of the stolen nailers is reported as $1349.97.


Petit Larceny / Wiler Rd., / 23-226064

On 12/25/23 at approximately 6:34 PM, a man with a beard removed Arlo cameras from a tree and from next to the front door of the location. The victim reports she does not recognize the man whose image was captured, but she does not get along with any of her neighbors or the contractors who are currently working on her house.


Grand Larceny 3rd / Moul Rd. / 23-226243

The victim reports sometime between 10:30 PM on 12/25/23 and 5:00 AM on 12/26/23, an unknown suspect stole his 2020 Honda Pilot from his driveway. The vehicle was unlocked with the keys inside. While leaving the initial report, deputies did locate the vehicle abandoned on Bennett Rd near the intersection of Curtis Rd. It was free of damage and was returned to the victim.