A Zone


Burglary 3rd / PL / Wegmans 2157 Penfield Rd / 24-040750

On 3-5-24 at about 9:05 p.m., 41-year-old Michelle L. Arnold stole three cases of beer and assorted groceries ($246.60) from Wegmans. She then exited the store and was taken into custody by loss prevention. She had been previously banned from Wegmans stores. APT issued.

PL / Speedway 2180 Penfield Rd. / 24-38047

On 2/29/24 at about 8:30 p.m., an unknown male attempted to purchase (5) VIP Millions lottery tickets which cost $30 each.  The suspect put his card into the machine to render payment, however the card was declined.  The cashier informed him that the transaction was declined, however he took the lottery tickets from the counter and left the location with them anyways.

Stolen vehicles and car larcenies:

Shady Run Lane / Brook Hill Lane / 1730 Penfield Rd / Multiple CR #s

Between 02-26-24 at 11:00 pm and 2-27-24 at 6:00 am, three apartment complexes all along Penfield Rd within one mile of each other had the following crimes occur:

 400 Shady Run Lane  Stolen 2022 Ford Edge  Recovered at 10:30 am under CR # 24-36323 (see below)
 500 Shady Run Lane   Stolen 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan  Recovered about 7:00 am by RPD 360 Mt Read Blvd – no suspects
 1730 Penfield Rd  Stolen 2018 Kia Sportage  Recovered at about 7:00 am at Kent Park Brighton
 Brook Hill Lane  Theft from vehicle  Stolen property
 300 Shady Run Lane  Theft from vehicle  Stolen Milwaukee and Dewalt tools
 100 Shady Run Lane  Theft from vehicle  Stolen wallet and credit cards
 500 Shady Run Lane  Theft from vehicle  Stolen brown wallet

*It should be noted that a vehicle that had been previously stolen in Irondequoit was dumped on Shady Run Lane.

Stolen Vehicle / GL 4th / Dicks 3349 Monroe Ave / 24-36323 24-36344

On 10-28-24 at 10:30 am, Brian S. Hopkins (20 yoa) and Toland A. Canty (42 yoa) stole $1,616.88 in merchandise from Dicks Sporting Goods on Monroe Ave. They left in a stolen vehicle (see above CR #24-036323). A deputy observed the vehicle in the village of Pittsford, but as she was turning around, she lost sight of the vehicle. A short while later, the vehicle crashed and was found unoccupied on Woodcreek Dr. A citizen saw two males walking in the complex. Deputies took into custody two males matching the descriptions in the complex.

Canty and Hopkins were arraigned in Pittsford Town Court. Both were released to Pre-Trial Services. 

Harassment 2nd / Burger King 2146 Fairport Nine Mile Pt Rd. / 24-38021

An employee at Burger King states on 3/1/24 at 4:40 pm, a female customer had pulled through the drive thru demanding her name, and then ultimately flipped her off. The two argued and the suspect spit on the employee. Investigation is continuing.


Forgery 2nd / Toptica Photonics 1120 Pittsford Victor Rd. / 24-40381

The accountant at the above business reports that someone cashed two fraudulent checks on their account. The transactions both were completed through the bank and the cashing of the checks occurred in Texas. It was reported that no physical checks appear to be missing. 

GL 4th / Unleashed Nutrition 650 Whitney Rd / 24-00037256

On 2/28/24 the victim left her credit card in the machine at the register of the above business. A male, later identified as Adam Paulson (40 yoa), is seen on video retrieving the card. He subsequently used the card without permission. On 3/1/24 Adam Paulson was taken into custody, processed and issued an appearance ticket per NYS law.


CPSP 4th / 3026 Monroe Ave / 24-038653

PL / 3340 Monroe Ave / 24-038684

On 3/2/2024 at 5:46 PM, deputies conducted a traffic stop involving a stolen vehicle. Located in the vehicle was a large number of un-bagged clothing with the tags still attached. Johnny Greggs (66 yoa), the sole occupant of the vehicle, was detained. Upon reviewing security footage, a Marshall’s Asset Protection employee observed Greggs entering the store, putting clothes of various kinds into a shopping cart, and leaving the store without paying. The merchandise recovered totaled $576.75 dollars. Greggs was transported back to Marshalls where he was positively identified by the Asset Protection employee. Johnny Greggs was arraigned and remanded to MCJ.

PL / 3300 Monroe Ave / 24-038464

On 3/2/204, the victim came to the A Zone substation to report her computer was stolen from her vehicle on 2/29/2024. She stated she parked her car at 3300 Monroe Ave. when she came out and observed her car flashers on, and the passenger side front door ajar. Her computer was stolen from the front passenger side door. She claims she locked her door with the remote, but all the doors do not lock; she did not manually lock the doors that were left unlocked.

CM 4th/ Criminal Tampering 3rd / 20 Colonial Parkway / 24-40213

Between 11:00 pm on 3/4/24 and 7:30 am on 3/5/24, an unknown person had entered several storage units in the basement of the apartment complex. Entry into the units was accomplished by peeling back the wire mesh used to enclose the units. No items have been reported missing by any of the tenants.

PL / Marshall’s 3340 Monroe Ave / 24-035843

On 2-27-24 at 2:36 pm a 45-55-year-old man described as 5’ 10” wearing a black hat, black shirt, brown jeans and brown boots, who was bow legged and walked with a distinct limp, wearing a silver necklace with a skull and crossbones pendant stole $488.91 in merchandise (3 pairs of shoes, 2 back packs, miscellaneous clothes and electronics).

PL / Marshalls 3340 Monroe Ave / 24-37942

Loss Prevention for Marshalls states, while reviewing CCTV footage, it was discovered a theft had occurred on 2/18/24 at 7:21 pm. The suspect, who is described as a man wearing a black hat with a green logo, dark colored winter jacket, and dark pants had filled a shopping cart with $206.84 worth of men’s t-shirts, socks, sweatshirts, and a reusable shopping bag, prior to leaving the location on foot without rendering payment for the merchandise. 

B Zone


Grand Larceny 3rd / E. Henrietta Rd / 24-030079

The victim reports between 02/17/24 at 11:00 pm and 02/18/24 at 1:40 am, an unknown suspect stole her 2019 Kia Forte. The vehicle was locked and had a steering wheel lock. 

Grand Larceny 3rd / 1111 Jefferson Rd (Double Tree Hotel) / 24-030187

Between 10:00 pm on 02/17/24 and 8:30 am on 02/18/24, an unknown suspect stole the victim’s 2020 Kia Forte. Hotel cameras did not cover the area where the vehicle was stolen from. The vehicle was a rental from Avis and the GPS gave a current location of Washington, DC. 

Grand Larceny 3rd / 905 Lehigh Station Rd (Microtel) / 24-030236

On 02/18/24, between 2:00 hours and 6:30 in the morning, the victim’s 2020 Subaru Impreza was stolen from the parking lot. The victim was hanging out with an acquaintance earlier in the night and suspects he may have taken the vehicle without her permission. 

Burglary 3rd / 1200 Marketplace Dr / 24-030352

On 02/18/24, deputies responded to Walmart for the report of a man who stole $512 worth of merchandise. Deputies located a man matching the suspect description walking behind Pep Boys. The individual, identified as Herbert Smith, was detained and positively identified in a show up. Walmart AP had previously given Smith a lifetime ban from entering any Walmart stores. Smith, who is a predicate felon, was arraigned by Henrietta Court and remanded to the Monroe County Jail. 

PL / 720 Jefferson Rd (DSW) / 24-030382

DSW reports on 02/19/24, an unknown man and woman entered the store and stole two pairs of Nike shoes ($180). The suspects then left in a white sedan (unknown plates). 

Petit Larceny / 790 Jefferson Rd (Petsmart) / 24-031378

On 02/19/24, three women and two men entered Petsmart and proceeded to steal $869 worth of merchandise. The suspects loaded five shopping carts and were able to confuse/distract the cashier as the merchandise was being taken from the store. 

Petit Larceny / 1000 Hylan Dr / 24-031499

On 02/20/24, deputies responded to Home Goods for a delayed larceny report. Asset Protection reports on 02/16/24, an man and woman entered the store and stole $774.86 worth of bedding items. Asset Protection also reported a similar incident involving the same suspects occurred on 02/18/24 (See CR#24-031516). 

Grand Larceny 4th / 3288 E Henrietta Rd (Good Shepard School) / 24-035253

On 02/26/24, between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm, an unknown suspect stole the victim’s purse from her unlocked vehicle. The purse contained the victim’s Apple Airpods, Chase credit card, $48 cash, and other personal items.  

PL / 72 Jefferson Rd (Marshalls) / 24-035857

Marshalls’ employees state on 02/25/24, a man entered the store and stole $350 worth of clothing. According to Marshalls, the same suspect is also involved in numerous larcenies at the Pittsford Marshalls. 

PL/EWOC / 1200 Marketplace Dr (Walmart) / 24-035780

On 02/27/24, deputies responded to Walmart for the report of two suspects stealing $450 worth of merchandise. Deputies located the suspect vehicle at Hylan Dr/Jefferson Rd and conducted a traffic stop. Two suspects, later identified as Thomas Guzzetta and Kestany Guzzetta, were detained and returned to Walmart for a show up procedure. Both suspects were positively identified by Walmart AP. During the investigation, it was also learned the suspects used their 2-year-old child to conceal some of the stolen merchandise. Both suspects were charged and released on appearance tickets per NYS law and a CPS referral was completed. 

Grand Larceny 3rd / Ridgeland Rd / 24-036637

On 02/28/24, deputies responded to the Restaurant Depo for the report of an employee theft. The Regional Manager reported an employee has been under scanning/not scanning items in her checkout line for several months. Management viewed store cameras and noticed the same man was the customer for all these transactions. The total amount of money stolen was approximately $5,000. On 02/29/24, deputies arrested Luz Carino without incident. Carino was arraigned in Henrietta Town Court and ROR’d.

Grand Larceny 3rd / Wheeler Rd / 24-038593

On 03/02/24, deputies responded to the above location for a stolen vehicle report. The victim states his 2017 Kia Sportage was stolen from his apartment parking lot. The vehicle was locked and the keys were not inside the vehicle. A witness observed an unknown person, wearing a dark-colored hoodie with the hood up, driving the vehicle away from the location at 7:30 in the morning. 

Burglary 3rd / Petit Larceny  / 2350 Marketplace Dr (Lowes) / 24-038687

In response to a delayed larceny report, a deputy was dispatched to the above location on 03/02/24. Lowes AP reported the suspect was trespassed from all Lowes stores back on 09/14/23. On 02/04/24, the suspect was observed on video stealing $100 worth of merchandise. 

Criminal Mischief 4th / 152 Colonnade Dr / 24-039659

The Henrietta Town Supervisor, Craig Eckert, reports on 03/03/24 an unknown suspect damaged a large grass area that is owned by the town. A neighbor was able to provide video of a truck doing donuts on the grass on 03/03/24 at 10:30 at night. The investigation is ongoing.

Grand Larceny 3rd / 700 Commons Way (Extended Stay) / 24-040248

The victim reports on 03/05/24, her 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee was stolen from the above location. She had befriended a female named “Nina” about three weeks ago and Nina had contacted her the previous night, saying she needed a place to stay. The owner agreed to let Nina stay with her in her hotel room, but when she woke up, she noticed Nina was no longer there and her vehicle was missing from the parking lot. According to the victim, her stolen vehicle had her wallet, which held $200 cash and four credit cards. The cameras at Extended Stay captured the vehicle leaving the parking lot at 7:10 that morning, but they couldn't identify any suspects. Victim provided a basic physical description of Nina, but was unable to provide a phone number, address or last name. 

Grand Larceny 4th / 2350 Marketplace Dr (Lowes) / 24-040404

Deputies were called to Lowes on 03/05/24 regarding a delayed larceny report. Lowes AP reports on 03/01/24, two suspects entered the store and stole a Rancho water sensor, Savile kitchen faucet and a Moen kitchen faucet. A female suspect, later identified as Brianna Brummond, distracted the cashier while an unknown male exited the store with the merchandise. Both suspects then left the area in a black Ford Edge. The vehicle is registered to Hertz Vehicles LLC. 

Grand Larceny 4th / Hendrix Rd / 24-040691

Sometime between 5:00 pm on 03/04/24 and 8:00 am on 03/05/24, an unknown suspect entered his unlocked vehicle and stole his Northface backpack, which contained two HP laptops, four lab booklets and Yeezy sneakers. 

Grand Larceny 4th / 2550 E Henrietta Rd / 24-041270

 According to the victim, at 11:30 in the morning on 03/06/24, he was approached by an unknown man wearing a red hooded shirt while walking through the Wegmans parking lot at 650 Hylan Dr. The man was operating a black sedan (unknown make/model/license plate) and asked the victim if he had an account with ESL. The man told the victim he was having issues with his own ESL account and asked for his help to deposit money. The male then drove the victim to the above location and deposited $2,100 worth of checks into his account. The vicitm then gave the male his debit card pin number and allowed him to make numerous withdrawals from his personal checking account. On 03/07/24, he learned the unknown male’s checks had bounced, and he was now out of $1,960. 


Suspicious Condition/Attempted Scam / 134 Lanning Rd / 24-027206

On 02/13/24, deputies responded to the above location for a report of a person receiving suspicious phone calls. The 86-year-old victim reports she received a phone call on her land line from a male who identified himself as “Officer Frank” from the Federal Trade Commission. The male told the victim he was investigating a report of fraud and he needed her to withdraw $500 from her checking account and call him back at 202-677-3641 (Washington, DC area code). She told the male she could not drive and would need to contact her daughter-in-law for a ride. The male told the victim to not call her family and call 585-455-8294 or 585-201-4223 for a ride instead. She contacted the second number and arranged for a ride, but called 911 as well because she was suspicious. Upon deputies' arrival, the male contacted the victim again to check on the status. Deputy noted the male had a thick accent. Deputies waited down the road until the transport vehicle arrived and conducted a traffic stop. The driver was a driver for Rochester Green Cab service and the investigation determined he was not involved in the attempted scam.  Deputies also received consent from the cab driver to view his recent phone call history and saw there were no prior phone calls made to any numbers similar to that of the scammer. 

Criminal Trespass 3rd / Fairlawn Dr / 24-033631

On 02/24/24 at 1:25 am, deputies responded to the above location for the report of an unknown person attempting to enter the residence. Upon arrival, the suspect was no longer at the location and deputies learned the individual had entered the secured backyard and attempted to gain entry to the house through the back door.

C Zone


Burglary 3rd / GL 4th / Paul Rd. / 24-027151

A contractor employed by the Questmark Construction Company has been doing concrete work at this location for the past two weeks. He reports sometime between 7:00 pm on 2/12/24 and 7:15 am on 2/13/24, an unknown suspect entered the work site and stole two Milwaukee 5” hand grinders valued at $250 each, one Milwaukee 7” hand grinder valued at $330, a Dewalt 16 gal. Hepa Vacuum valued at $1300, and a bag of hand tools valued at $245. One of the workers observed a newer, all black, GMC pickup truck with tinted windows and chrome wheels facing east in front of the location when he arrived on 2/13/24. The truck drove away as the worker pulled up and he could not get the license plate number.

From this same location, a dump truck was stolen and abandoned on Smith St. in the City of Rochester. The passenger side window was broken in order to gain entry, and a CB radio was taken from inside.

Petit Larceny / Red Bud Rd. / 24-028722

The victim reports she was verifying her PayPal account so that she could make money transfers in to her Five Star Bank account. She attempted two different phone numbers she found online for PayPal customer service and made contact with a male who directed her to download the app “Hop to Desk,” which is used for gaining remote access. The male directed her to purchase a Target Gift Card and read the card number to him so he could verify her account by charging the amount and then refunding her. She did so, but never received the refund and has now suffered a loss of $300.

Stolen Vehicle / Meadow Farm N. / 24-029103

The reporting person reports on 02/15/24 at 9:00 pm, he parked his father's white 2021 Jeep Gladiator in the parking lot of the above location. He said the vehicle was locked and the key to the vehicle was with him inside of his apartment. When he woke up on 2/16/24 at 7:30 am, the Jeep was gone, even though he was still in possession of the key. No broken glass was found. The owner says he is up to date on payments, and there was no record of repossession with MCSO Records. A neighborhood canvass was negative and no cameras were located in the area.

Att. Grand Larceny / CM / Wind Willow Way / 24-030230

Sometime between 9:30 a.m. on 2/17/24 and 10:30 a.m. on 2/18/24 an unknown suspect damaged the front passenger window and the steering column of the 2022 Hyundai Elantra. The victim believes the vehicle was locked, but does not recall ever hearing the car alarm go off.

GL 3rd / CM 3rd / Blue Spruce Dr / Norfolk Dr. / 24-030192

The victim reports she got home from work around 8:00 a.m. and parked her 2019 Kia Optima in the parking lot near her apartment. At approximately 8:50 a.m., the vehicle was found at the corner of Blue Spruce Dr / Norfolk Dr., empty with the driver’s side door open, and the car alarm going off. The passenger side window was broken and there was damage to the steering column. The victim has a steering wheel lock, but is not positive she put it on before entering her residence. Nothing was taken from inside the vehicle.

Petit Larceny / Union Square Bl. / 24-036420

An unknown suspect entered her unlocked vehicle and stole a Budweiser racing jacket and Dior purse without contents during the evening of 2/27/24. Surveillance video shows a woman remove items from the vehicle and then enter a gray sedan, possibly a Chevrolet Impala, being driven by another individual. The stolen property is valued at approximately $140.00.

Reckless Endangerment / CM 3rd / Chestnut Ridge Rd. / 24-036993

During the overnight hours of 2/28/24 into 2/29/24 an unknown suspect(s) used a firearm to shoot the victim's vehicle parked in the driveway overnight. Both the reporting person and the victim state hearing loud pops around 4:00 am the morning of 2/29/24, but disregarded them due to the number of uncommon noises caused by the windstorm. The reporting person's Ring camera, which is mounted next to the man door, did not send any motion alerts. The 2014 Mercedez-Benz was found to have numerous bullet holes in the rear of the body and five 9mm casings were located near the roadway. The victim has had issues with an ex-girlfriend as recent as 2/28/24.

GL 3rd / GL 4th / ID Theft 2nd / Audino Ln. / 24-041283

The victim was alerted by phone at about 6:30 am on 3/6/24 that her Keybank debit card was used to make a purchase of $204.95 at Walmart. She quickly received an additional alert for a $190.94 transaction at Walmart, followed by approximately seven more transactions at various locations, totaling $553.16. She went outside to find that her 2012 Cadillac CTS had been rummaged through. The vehicle was left unlocked and her wallet containing credit/debit cards was inside. These were stolen along with a work laptop valued at approximately $3100.00.

GL 3rd/ PL / Scottsville Rd. (FedEx) / 24-042406

In late January, FedEx Security received a complaint from a jewelry company called Ring Concierge that they had been receiving packages via FedEx, which were missing jewelry items. FedEx conducted an internal investigation and identified employees as the likely suspects. He then conducted a live surveillance detail on 2/28/24 and observed both employees concealing items. He interviewed them both and each admitted to stealing that day, turning over the items they had stolen, and admitted to stealing more in the past as well. One employee has stolen over $5,500 worth and Employee 2 has stolen over $300.

Petit Larceny / Audino Ln. / 24-044439

The victim reports she parked her 2014 Honda CRV outside her residence on 3/10/24 at about 6:00 pm. When she returned to the vehicle at about 9:00 am on 3/11/24 she found that items had been removed from her center console and glove box. V is confident that she locked the vehicle and claims to be the only person with a key, but there was no damage noted. Additionally, a car starter, CD's, reading glasses, gloves, and a phone charger – all with a total value of $225.00 – were stolen.

Petit Larceny / Audino Ln. / 24-044253

Sometime between 10:00 pm on 3/10/24 and 8:00 am on 3/11/24, an unknown suspect entered the victim's 2023 Toyota Corolla and stole a pair of butterfly earrings, Ray-ban sunglasses and her makeup bag containing makeup. The car was reportedly locked and there are no signs of forced entry. The estimated value of the stolen property is $430.00.


ID Theft 3rd / Petit Larceny /Robertson Rd. / 24-032184

Between 2/20/24 and 2/21/24, the victim’s ESL debit account was charged a total of $433.92 without her consent. Charges were made on 2/20/24 for $103.98 at TJ Max and $205.19 at Best Buy in Liverpool and Dewitt, NY, respectively. An additional charge of $124. 75 was made at the same TJ Max on 2/21/24. The victim states she is still possession of her physical card and does not know how her information was used.

Commercial Burglary / Howard Ave.  / 24-037912

The owner of TLC Organic Lawn Care states on 3/1/24 he reported earlier in the week he was notified by one of his employees some yard equipment, last seen in the shop on 2/23/24, was now missing. He only has 3-4 employees with a key or access code to open the shop when he is not there. The stolen property is as follows: a Stihl backpack blower, a Stihl chainsaw, two Stihl Hedge clippers, and a Lesco backpack battery sprayer ($2,200 total).

Mail Theft / Chiswick Dr. / 24-038055

On the morning of 3/1/24 the victim placed two pieces of outgoing mail in his mailbox at the above location, each containing personal checks drawn on his M&T account. Later in the day, he received calls from two different M&T Branches notifying him that a man attempted to cash the checks (1 was successful for $1,340.00 and the other was rejected for $1,680.00).


Petit Larceny / Brockport Spencerport Rd. / 24-029861

The Manager of Mahan Discount Liquor reports on 5/17/24 at about 3:00 p.m., a man and a woman were observed as they took four bottles of liquor and exited the store without paying. The pair was seen entering a Chevy Silverado as passengers. The truck in question was located in the nearby Walmart parking lot occupied by two men who stated they were waiting for a female friend of theirs. While Deputies were speaking with these males, an additional larceny in progress involving a man and a woman came in at Walmart. Deputies took Brittany Hollaert into custody outside of the store and they apprehended Nicholas Coia in the area after he attempted to flee on foot. Both were brought back to Mahan’s where they were positively identified. They were both arraigned, Coia was ROR’d and Hollaert was remanded to MCJ in lieu of $1000/$2000/$5000.

Petit Larceny / Route 31 (Harbor Freight) / 24-032836

On 2/22/24, deputies responded to Harbor Freight for the report of a larceny. The store manager stated a suspect entered the store and selected a Hercules 3/4" Ultra Torque Impact Wrench, valued at $199.99. Store employees are aware of this man, as he steals from the location often. Employees began watching the suspect as he took the impact wrench out of the box and fled the store. The suspect passed all points of sale without rendering payment for the item. The manager was unable to observe what vehicle the suspect left in. The suspect is described as a Hispanic man, approximately 5'9"-6', approximately 220 pounds, wearing all black clothing with a black hat.

Petit Larceny / Brockport Spencerport Rd. / 24-035866

Walmart Asset Protection reports on 2/27/24 at approximately 4:15 p.m., Carra Price selected $440.37 worth of grocery items and passed all points of sale without rendering payment. Carra was cooperative with Walmart AP, was taken into custody without incident and was released with an appearance ticket.

ID Theft 3rd / Gary Dr. / 24-036601

The victim began receiving phone calls from Hunter Warfield debt collectors approximately three months ago, stating she had $9,000.00 in outstanding debt. Presuming she was being scammed, she dismissed the calls until 2/28/24 when she received a text message requesting she call Hunter Warfield. After ensuring the business number was valid, she called and it was determined that her information had been used at "The Ranch Apartment Complex," where the tenants have an ongoing issue with non-payment of rent.

Grand Larceny 4th / CM 3rd / Owens Rd. / 24-035053

Lowes Asset Protection contacted deputies on 2/26/24 regarding a male suspect in his early 30s, weighing about 160lbs, with brown hair, dressed in a black jacket and black pants. He was accompanied by a female suspect in her early 30s, with short curly brown hair, wearing a red jacket and camo pants. They entered the store and took portable generators worth a total of $1,248.00. The couple left the location in a black 2018 Toyota RAV4. It was soon learned the male suspect selected a pair of bolt cutters and cut the lock, valued at $645.00, which secures the generators. Investigation revealed the Hamburg and Amherst Police Departments have been dealing with persistent larcenists who match the description of the suspects and the RAV4.

Petit Larceny / Brockport Spencerport Rd. / 24-043694

The Manager at Tractor Supply reports on 3/10/14 at about 10:40 in the morning, three suspects entered the store and stole approximately $600 worth of clothing and food items. The suspects left the location in a gray Ford Edge rental car.

Petit Larceny / Lake Rd. / 24-044667

A white box truck was parked in the parking lot of Crosby's on March 11, 2024 by a man and a woman, who then proceeded to enter the store. While the man was in the bathroom, the woman secreted 10 cans of Red Bull energy drink in a backpack and exited the store without paying. The value of the stolen property is approximately $38.00.

Petit Larceny / Owens Rd. / 24-044657

From 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm on 3/10/24, the victim parked her 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt in a handicap spot at Lowes. When she came back, she discovered someone had taken the receipts from her center console and stolen about $5.00 in change.


ID Theft 1st / GL 3rd / Morton Rd. / 24-037304

While filing her taxes, the victim reviewed her bank statements to find numerous unauthorized transactions to "UCS Online Payment" throughout 2023. She suffered a loss of $14,564.28 as a result. Key Bank Corporate Fraud will be investigating the case.

Burglary 3rd / CM 2nd / Petit Larceny / Drake Rd. / 24-038926

The owner of Brightly's Farm Market arrived at the store on 3/3/24 at about 8:20 in the morning to find the west man door was ajar. Upon searching the location, he found a window air conditioning unit on the north side of the building was pushed in to gain access to the building. Further, when the unit was forced in, it fell onto approximately $2000 worth of tables and glass items that were for sale. Review of surveillance video showed a male suspect running through the store and removing both cash register drawers, both of which were empty at about 4:00 am.


GL 4th / CPFI / Walnut Hill Dr. / 24-039732

The victim mailed four separate checks in April 2023 for her expected taxes owed. She recently learned one of the checks was never received, but appeared to have been intercepted and altered. The bank reported that someone altered a check for $133 to read $1120.30 and also changed the address line. The check was cashed at a Citizens Bank in Rhode Island.


CPSP / Wegman Rd., Gat / 24-035001

On 2/26/24 deputies responded to W/B Rt. 490 near Rt. 531 for the report of a motor vehicle accident. It was soon learned that the vehicle in question, a 2019 Kia Optima, had run out of gas, and four individuals were seen exiting. The driver of the car, Tyler Justice was observed scaling the embankment adjacent to the highway where he cut the fence to gain access to the property on Wegman Rd. – likely to obtain a gas can. He was located on 490 near Gates Center carrying said gas can and was identified by a witness. Ultimately, the Kia which also had a smashed rear window, was found to have been stolen out of the city. Justice was charged and turned over to RPD on an unrelated warrant.